As ondas aparecem em grupos de ondas maiores que alternam com grupos de ondas mais pequenas. However, the coast could be hit by waves genera- ted in distant places. In summer, the characteristic meteorological situa- tion is rather stable due to the combined influence of the North Easterly end of the Azores anticyclone and low pressure associated to a warm front in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula. Lugar do Arraial S. The sea conditions with a large frequency spectrum and a relatively narrow spectrum in direction are common. West Gale Sea — When the polar front steps down to lower latitudes are formed in North Atlantic, in the latitude of Portugal, generating areas with SW winds, which sometimes go as far as the American continent.

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The king Dom Manuel, early in the sixteenth centurypassing through Viana do Castelo, became aware of this vulnerability and exposure ordering the construction of defense near the mouth. In these conditions, the wind is usually stronger in the northern part of the west coat where it rea- ches force 8, whilst in the southern part only goes to force 7. This is clearly illustrated, for example, by the first construction of quays on the north bank near the city. They are characteristic of winter time and occur about once a year, generating sea turbulence W choppy sea and SW waveswhich get as high as 8 meters in. The waves appear in alternate groups of larger and smaller ones. In summer it occurs in situations when there is not north wind but there are distant generating areas. Altogether, the docks have about 80 mooring ber- ths for fishing vessels of up to 2.

Enigma Previsível — Editores, Lda. The second lasting a few days and with the corres- ponding spectra narrower in direction. Mais raramente, em média de 10 em 10 anos atinge força 9 e 8 respectivamente. Thus, when the weather conditions are under the influence of the Azores anticyclone, and there is a northwesterly wind, there is a predominance of the Nortada cold north wind with maximum speed towards dusk and stopping in the early hours of the morning.


This service, being compulsory in every public quay of the port, is provided by the Port Authority. In the meteorological condition which produce easterly wind in the coastal area, the effect of the breezes as a rule increases the speed of wind in the early hours of the morning and stops during the day. With the city growth associated to the increase of maritime trade, Viana do Castelo had the need to enlarge the embankments along the quays, expand and build new piers and quay walls.

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The roughness of sea under these conditions has characteristically 1,5 to 2 meters and a 14 second period. Windw summer it occurs in situations when there is not north wind but there are distant generating areas. Tem capacidade para movi- mentar dinds mil toneladas de carga geral fraccionada, granéis líquidos ou sólidos e contentores.

Estas condições persistem por períodos da ordem de oito dias, por vezes mais, e originam prolon- gadas situações de temporal em toda a costa oci- dental. FOT Seguida do lugar de carregamento The several hundred boats ;ro annually call at the marina come mostly from France, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. FOR Seguida do lugar de carregamento This dock is metres long and has a variable width of between 45 and metres.

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It has a capacity to deal annually with thousand tons of general cargo, dry and liquid bulk and con- tainers. As a pole of industrial dynamics, it contributes to attracting productive activities generating opportu- nities for the emergence of other subsidiary activi- ties and providing opportunities for the creation of more wealth and jobs.

Located in the northwest of Portugal, on the Atlan- rpo coast, the port performs its activities on both banks of the Lima river. O conjunto destes parques dispõe de: Pilotage operates at any time except in any such occasions when pilots are conditioned by draught of vessel, tide and sea and weather conditions.

The stronger winds are usually south-westerly and they are associated to very low pressures. Occasionally, every ten years, it reaches forces 9 and 8 respectively. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.


winds pro 2012.8

The first lasts for about one day and origina- tes sea agitation 2012.8 large spectra because of important NW characteristics which form crossed sea conditions. Terminais no Porto Comercial 1. The earth rotation movement causes the increase in the speed of wind to be accompanied by a clo- ckwise change in its direction.

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Lugar do Arraial S. The industrial port, also on the north bank, in addi.

CIF Seguida do porto de destino The port’s authorities and their dependencies are responsible for the placing of storm signals advises. Viana do Castelo cedo se transformou no principal entreposto comercial a Norte do rio Douro e até à fronteira com Espanha assegurando o transporte marítimo desde o inte- rior para o Atlântico e deste para o seu hinterland natural interior, pelo rio Lima acima.

Southwest Sea — conditions of sea agitation asso- ciated to depressions or fronts originating areas of SW sea on the coast.

The Bugio pier, located on the north bank, consists of one metre long pier. Iwnds Terminal for the reception of cement and ashes, occupies a total area of 12, m2consisting of a warehouse for filling the product into sacks and storing them, with an area of about 3, m2 and 16 silos, with a total capacity of 49, tons of storage.

winds pro 2012.8

Viana do Castelo soon became the principal commercial depot north of the River Douro and up to the border with Spain securing the maritime transport from inland to the Atlantic and back winxs its natural hinterland, up the river Lima. The cylindrical button must have a diameter of not less than 0,6 m and 2012.8 height double of its diameter. This day change in the wind conditions is of parti- cular importance when the day temperature range is high, i.

winds pro 2012.8